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my name is Ulises German and this is my resume

About Me

I am software developer and I like to be. I like to give life to my ideas and those of others, is truly comforting. I like to browse in the Internet, check blogs, read articles related to new technologies, science, gadgets, trends, animals, the universe, history and more.


  • 2009


    Career: Computer Systems Engineering
    Instituto Tecnológico de Culiacán. Culiacán, Sinaloa

  • 2003

    High School

    Centro de Estudios de Bachillerato. Culiacán, Sinaloa

  • 2000

    Medium School

    Escuela Secundaria Técnica ETi #72. Culiacán, Sinaloa


2019 - 2024
Front-end, Back-end & Mobile Developer / Sr Developer
Contributions in the Department:
» Support in different areas of the Company (Javascript, NodeJS, iOS Swift).
» Recomendador de Celulares
» Ticket printing project
» Design change in iOS App for Convention.
» Creation of iOS Coppel Pay App (B-Ya).
» Improvements and optimization in the Cobranza Android App (Kotlin).
» Improvements and optimization in the Cobranza Microservices.
» Phoenix, mentoring the development team and microservices management in Kubernetes.
» Mentoring and monitoring of The Principals Team.
» Retail Architecture Member.
2015 - 2019
Front-end & Back-end Developer / PHP Programmer
Contributions in the Department:
» Web Development Front-end and Back-end, using PHP Frameworks (Laravel, CodeIgniter, Slim) and Javascript (AngularJS, Angular, VueJS).
» Development of mobile applications with Android/Kotlin, iOS/Swift and NativeScript.
» Implementation of languages like JAVA, Python, NodeJS.
» Implementation of handling Redis and MongoDB.
» Implementation of alternatives to native mobile like a NativeScript.
» Server Admin (CentOS, Ubuntu) for Company and Clients.
» Participation for Certification in CMMI level 3 (services).
» Framework Scrum for work with Organization and Teams.
» Tapanosa, internal system, app Android and gps tracker.
» Calzzapato, internal system, app iOS and gps tracker.
» Tecnika Global, support in many projects.
» PRI Sinaloa, internal system.
» Ayuntamiento Ahome, internal system.
» PideYaa!, internal system and gps tracker.
» Conymat, internal system.
» Drenax, internal system, app Android.
» GEN, internal system, app Android.
» CEPI, internal system, app Android/iOS.
» Joyería Miguel Ramos, internal system.
Informática Electoral
2015 - 2019
Front-end & Back-end Developer / PHP Programmer
PREP 2015:
» Software Architect and Admin Server for the Sonora Project.
PREP 2018:
» Software Architect and Admin Server in Multiple Projects (Guerrero, Sinaloa, Sonora and Morelos).
PRI Sinaloa
Front-end & Back-end Developer / PHP Programmer
Surveys Project:
» Develop of surveys project for data analytics.
2010 - 2015
Front-end & Back-end Developer / PHP Programmer
» PDO Implementation for Connections to the Database.
» Implementing Stored Procedures in MySQL.
» Implementing jQuery & JSON.
» Implementation of project versioning with SVN.
» Innovative use of new languages and tools.
» Implementation checkout redesign.
» Implementation Akamai CDN service with DSD & DSA.
» Implementation of Chat.
» Implementation of SEO basic level.
Intranet Project:
» Develop of a container applications for all people in the company.
Christmas Millionaire Project:
» Sending mass emails and track movements of customers.
GPS Utilities Project:
» Complementary Tools for Franson System GPSGate Server.
GeneXus Project:
» Course and basic knowledge of 5th-generation IDE GeneXus X Evolution 1.
» Assistance in filing of GeneXus X Evolution 2 oriented to smartphones.
Chat Project:
» Developing a chat tool for customer service, staff and suppliers.
Transactional Engine Project:
» Developing multiple web services, to allow sales in:
» Various projects requested by staff Coppel.
» Assistance in filing of Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010.
» Assistance in filing Cisco IP telephony SDK CUAE.
» Android Basic Course, native application development.
» Android Advanced Course, native application development.
» Course Dreamweaver CS5.5, jQuery Mobile, HTML5 and CSS3.
» IBM Worklight Course, programming to create mobile applications (dojo).
Campus Party Mexico 2011 CPMX3:
» Presence at conferences and talks related to programming, computer security, science and some programming workshops.
Campus Party Mexico 2013 CPMX4:
» Presence at conferences and talks related to programming, computer security, science and keynote with Buzz Aldrin (the second man to walk on the moon).
Campus Party Mexico 2014 CPMX5:
» Presence at conferences and talks related to programming, computer security, science, entrepreneurship and social media.
» Course JAVA Web Development with JSP and Servlets, web programming using JAVA JSP, Servlets, Classes and more.
2002 - Now()
Front-end & Back-end Developer
2022 - Setup Prestashop e-Commerce platform and support to TruckMastersTX.
2021 - Administrative System and PoS Aceros JUPA.
2016 - Administrative System to Canaco Culiacán.
2015 - Webpage to Aluminio Culiacán.
2014 - Ecommerce Site to M&M Exporting.
2014 - Website to Aluminio y Herrerías Culiacán.
2014 - Company Blog to ParaBancos.
2014 - Android Application SyMoN to Grupo Morsa.
2014 - Android Application PinGPS to PinGPS.
2013 - Vehicle Tracking System to RedRabbit.
2013 - Website to OLATechnologies.
2012 - Administrative System to TarjetaMiCasa & website redesign.
2012 - Administrative System SyMoN 2.0 to Grupo Morsa.
2012 - Update System SOCE 2010 to Consejo Estatal Electoral.
» New architecture and development in PHP & MySQL, the previous version was developed with Classic ASP & SQL Server 2000.
Own tools for free use:
» PDO Multi Connection Class: A good rank in the website Library to establish multiple connections to databases from PHP, creating a total abstraction. link
» cURL Easy and Fast: Hosted in HTTP requests sent via cURL in the simplest way possible. link
» LocalStorage: Hosted in HTML5 Management LocalStorage simply and efficiently. link
» Google Chrome Extension - Next Image: Chrome extension useful for quick download sequential files can be any format as long as being numbered consecutively at the end: tlotr1.jpg link
» Repair and maintenance of computer equipment: Activities commonly performed in my home.
» Operating Systems: MacOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux.
» Clean viruses and malware, bug fixes, installation and configuration of software and hardware.
Informática Electoral
2008 - 2010
Front-end & Back-end Developer / ASP.NET Programmer
Contributions in the Department:
» Implementation methodology AJAX javascript.
» Implementation of handling XML.
» Recruitment and training of people for SOCE 2010 project.
SOCE 2010 System:
» A new version of SOCE System, in this version was included AJAX methodology.
» A messaging system based on XML files as database was created.
» Training on the use of SOCE 2010 data-entry system of the state of Sinaloa.
Jornada Móvil Project:
» It became a web service to send the location of the box to the voter.
SIAM System:
» Improvements and new features were made, reports added.
Mesa de Ayuda en el PREP:
» Service supports all typists PREP 2010 Sinaloa.
Front-end & Back-end Developer / ASP Programmer
Contributions in the Company:
» Implementation of "advanced" query the database.
» Company focused on the security of systems (secure connections and encryption of information) certified by Microsoft, 13 years of service supports them.
» Web Systems made in Dreamweaver (ASP, AJAX & CSS).
» Website and Administrative System for Political Party PRI link
» Redesign of the Administrative System Lozano Travel link
» ProNet internal system for control of the company and request new customer packages.
» Espinosa de los Montero, Administrative System.
S.W.F. Software Factory
2006 - 2007
Front-end & Back-end Developer / ASP Programmer
Contributions in the Company:
» Develop, correct and improve the software for optimal performance and meet the new requirements of the Consejo Estatal Electoral.
SOCE 2007 System:
» Web Systems made in Dreamweaver (HTML, Classic ASP, Javascript & XML).
SIAM System:
» System Developed in Platform .NET (ASP.NET/C#).
Helpdesk in PREP 2007:
» Service supports all typists PREP 2007 Sinaloa.
Alarmas Centralizadas
Tasks in Business:
» Be aware of the alarm alerts, inform the client and authorities.
» Visit the homes and diagnose the cause of alarm activation.


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Skills & Expertise

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
SQL Server
Linux Servers






  • PREP Sinaloa 2010
  • GeneXus Culiacan
  • Android Basico
  • Android Basico
  • Android Avanzado
  • DRP Coppel
  • Introducción a HTML5
  • CSS3 y JavaScript
  • Introduccion al Desarrollo Web 1/2
  • Introduccion al Desarrollo Web 2/2
  • CPMX 2011
  • CPMX 2013
  • CPMX 2014
  • SG Virtual Conference 2013
  • Curso de Desarrollo Web Java
  • Curso de Design Thinking
  • Reconocimiento CMMI Servicios Nivel 3
  • Certificado Management 3.0
  • Certificado Vue.js 2
  • Certificado Kotlin
  • Certificado PHP
  • Certificado iOS Avanzado